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What happens in Marriage Preparation?

What happens in Marriage Preparation? All couples getting married through The Public Church must participate in Marriage Preparation based on the following format…

  • Couples meet for four one hour sessions with one of our pastoral team members or a counsellor in order to learn basic skills to promote healthy marital interactions and to discuss any personal problems the couples may have faced (using the Enrich Canada material)
  • Couples then meet with the officiating pastor to design their wedding ceremony
  • Pastor leads the wedding rehearsal and officiates your wedding

What is the format of the sessions?

  1. Pastor sends a link through email for the couple to complete their PREPARE ENRICH survey at home prior to the first session.
  2. First Session: Introductions, couple tells their story, initial review of PREPARE ENRICH survey
  3. Second Session: Review personality profile & communication skills, family history
  4. Third Session: Conflict Resolution, Partner Style & Habits, Finances, Leisure Activities
  5. Fourth Session: Sexual Expectations, Family & Friends, Relationship Roles
  6. Fifth Session: Couple meet with the pastor to design the wedding ceremony

What is the cost and what does it cover?

The suggested honorarium for the Marriage Preparation and Officiating is $300.00. This cost includes:

- A minimum of 4 sessions with the Pastor

- The cost for the online relationship inventory ($50.00)

- The Pastor's time for designing the ceremony, leading the rehearsal, and officiating the ceremony

Once the Pastor has received the honorarium, they will purchase a link to Prepare-Enrich and begin the process.

*For more information about the PREPARE ENRICH program go to https://enrichcanada.ca/about/